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At DentReps, we believe that success is derived from a positive experience and building relationships within our dental community.  A few ways we evaluate our organization is by others sharing their experiences and the relationships with whom they have developed.  Below are a limited number of testimonials that we are proud of.  

And if you have a testimonial, we would appreciate you sharing it with current and potential members by emailing DentReps at

Please check back often to view all of our testimonials as we build our experience.

  • "Dental Care Alliance has utilized the services of DentReps & DR Recruiting and are very pleased with the results. We have received quality candidates both with dentist and general staff recruiting. They are responsive to our needs and very cost effective. "  -Kevin Webb, Executive Vice President, Dental Care Alliance, Group DSO - National
  • "Have to say loving the DentReps email system for new candidates. Pretty great program you got! "  -Jessica, National Dental Sales Organization, Searching for Sales & Business Development Reps as well as Executive Leaders
  • "DentReps provided our team almost candidates - all qualified, not 90 unqualified!  I don't know how they did it because we have tried other sites for months and we are about to make an offer to the best fit."  -Dr. Harris, Private Practice Dentist, Virginia
  • "DentReps is not only user firendly, but I was able to sign with the company for an account within minutes and start my job search.  I would highly recomend DentReps to any dental professional seeking a job opportuity! "  -Anna, CDA, Dental Sales Representative, Indiana
  • "DentReps has helped our organization, as well as clients connect with talented, qualified, unique dental professionals looking for their next career opportunity; from Associates, to Regional Operations Managers, to Auxiliary Staff. Not only does DentReps go above and beyond standard customer service, but they truly work their network and every avenue, until they know our and our client's hiring needs are fulfilled, one way or another."  -DMI Dental Consulting, National
  • "DentReps shares our philosophy when it comes to partnering with our practices, so please reach out to him for all of your staffing and recruitment needs!"  -Nancy Kagan, Dental Consultant, Summit Dental Partners, New England
  • "We have received some great resumes for the sales job posting we have with DentReps and would like to utilize the service for other markets as well!"  -Kevin, Sr. Regional Sales Manager, Philips Oral Health
  • "I appreciate 'DentReps' taking the time to help me with my job search.  They were very instrumental in my discussions throughout the interview process and now I am very very happy to be with my current DSO!"  -Brad, Dental Professional - IN 
  • "It is a pleasure to thank you for your recent gift of $100.00 in support of the 13th Annual WEEI / NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. DentReps generosity enables Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to fulfill its mission of providing expert cancer care and accelerating the pace of scientific discovery.My sincere thanks again, on behalf of the Institute and the most important beneficiaries—our patients—for your generosity."  -Suzanne Fountain, Director, The Jimmy Fund - MA
  • "I would like the opportunity to write this endorsement of Dentreps. I have been extremely pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of the team. I strongly recommend their services. They are responsive and provide the highest quality of candidates for positions within dental organizations."  -Terri, VP of Operations - CA
  • "DentReps offers professional and genrous services!"  -Sarah, RDH - TN
  • "On behalf of ACS, I’d like to thank you for your participation with the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation team for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. With the support of your donors and DentReps you raised a large sum of money to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays! I understand that a majority of your donations came from DentReps and we are so grateful for their support of your efforts. Thank you for dedicating your miles, training and fundraising in support of our lifesaving mission!"  -Christopher Bowles, Director at DetermiNation & The American Cancer Society
  • "DentReps offers our alumni and current students yet another way for our highly skilled and trained dentists to find jobs and opportunities in this extremely competitive environment."  - Jason Giulietti, Director of Alumni Relations with University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine
  • " I cannot praise the DentReps team enough. Not only did we acheive great results and candidates from their services, but we built a long lasting relationship with the entire DentReps team. They have excellent lines of communication, were consistent and quickly successful with filling our staffing requests. With the DentReps team you will be amazingly satisfied, and work alongside compassionate and experienced individuals. I already recommend them to numerous colleagues in the dental field. "  - Michelle, Office Manager at Dr. Hamilton's Private Dental Practice
  • "We took advantage of DentReps as a recruiting source for our dental staffing and placement company.  We received a number of resumes of qualified candidates as a result for three open searches.  I found setting up postings and navigating the site easy.  I was very pleased with the proactive marketing done to promote the site and our ads.  DentReps will be a part of our recruiting toolbox going forward."  - Ken, Peak Performers
  • "It has been a pleasure working with DentReps!  We have received quality candidates, especially in tough-to-fill markets, that we haven't yet uncovered through our other recruiting efforts / sources, and I believe this is due to DentReps' diligent marketing efforts to a highly professional crowd.  We had our first DentReps hire in March and are excited for the next!"  - Amber, Great Expressions Dental Centers
  • "Professional and an outstanding hiring tool!" - Dr. Ed, DDS
  • "The DentReps site is looking really good and we look forward to future enhancements.  We have had a good response to our postings and one has been hired as a result of the site so far.  Thanks for the great service."  Alan, Affordable Care
  • "I consider 'DentReps' scope of work very trending and interesting."  - Dr. Juan, DDS & Instructor
  • "'DentReps' helped me network for a dental career transition. 'They' also guided me to a few valuable resources that are continuing to help me land that dream job! Thank you, 'DentReps', for taking the time to help me." - Adrienne, Dental Candidate
  • "DentReps is brillant!" - Guy, Dental Candidate
  • "I want to take this time to thank 'DentReps', for assisting my friend Dr R Noury, in getting a good number of applicants for his Dental Practice, in Long Beach, the New Employee is working out great and Dr Noury had his office manager Carmen, post your number right on top of the computer." - Reno, First Choice DDS & Dental Assets
    • "Having been in the industry in nearly every capacity for over 40 years, and for the last 30 years consulting most players in the supply chain from private practitioners, groups practices, MSOs, 3rd parties, bio-technical companies and disease management companies, to find someone with 'the Team at DentReps' intellect, knowledge and comprehension of the requirements for 'sourcing' dental staff is a wonderful discovery." - Dr. Marc, Founder and Consultant of The Mastery Company 
    • "DentReps is a tremendous resource for any dental professional looking to make a career move. I recommend that all my dentist clients get registered on right away as it plugs them into the market like no other on-line resource. The market for new opportunities is very fragmented and inefficient and DentReps has moved the market forward tremendously in providing a much needed career resource to match employers with hard to find talent. Employers and recruiters looking for dentists and other professionals in the dental marketplace would be smart to use this great tool." - Cord Harper, Endeavor Dental Agency
    • "Thank you 'DentReps' for answering my question. The strategic advice that you gave was very helpful and I value your professional expertise.  Keep up the good work!"  - Armine, Dental Candidate
    • "Thank you for all the support in my search for employment.  Almost everyone in America knows the economy has changed so much that family's struggle with finances.  I feel fortunate to be able to utilize services such as DentReps ..." - Shari, Dental Candidate
    • "Thank you 'DentReps' for your continued help with my search.  You have been very helpful." - Susan, Dental Candidate
    • "Thank you for your feedback as I believe in constructive criticism as a method for 'practice' growth." - Kate, Dental Candidate
    • "'DentReps' was a huge help to me in a difficult work situation. 'They were' overwhelmingly generous with 'their' time and advice and helped me navigate a precarious scenario, all with no expectation of anything in return. People like that are few and far between. I'd recommend DentReps to anyone."  - Linda, Dental Candidate
    • "'The Team' at DentReps is very knowledgeable and easy to work with! Thank you again DentReps for all your help!  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity" - Sheila, Dental Candidate
    • "I would highly recomend DentReps to anyone." - Diana, Dental Candidate