Improving the Candidate Experience – How to Improve the Recruitment Process?

How can you improve the candidate experience

It is key in this day and age to ensure that when a candidate applies for a job that your dental office advertises, the candidate is met with an excellent candidate experience that is fair and professional. Failure to do so could mean that the dental office’s reputation could become damaged. With the power of social media and the internet, it can be easy for an applying candidate to communicate their negative experience online, which could be less than helpful to the reputation for your office, and make it more difficult to hire employees in the future.

A recent study conducted by “Personnel Today” found that three quarters of job seekers were likely to talk about a negative recruitment process experience that they had with their peers. If they speak with their peers in the dental industry, this could put off other candidates from applying in the future. Therefore, you can probably appreciate and realize the importance of getting the candidate experience right. Make sure you make it a priority for your next recruitment process.

In order to make improvements, we would recommend that you look at the candidate experience from the applicant’s point of view. You could look at areas such as seeing whether the culture and values of the dental office are communicated clearly and whether the applicant is kept informed at each stage regarding the progress of their application. Then, you can begin to make improvements to better the candidate experience.

Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience:

  • Involve existing employees – Because many of your current employees have more than likely gone through your dental office’s recruitment process, they can offer an excellent insight on ways to improve the process. Existing employees who have gone through the process are able to identify areas that recruiters may have never even thought of. By asking for their feedback, existing employees will feel valued that their opinion is being taken into account. If existing employees are quite nervous about venting their feelings, you may wish to organize an anonymous survey which can help harvest useful information about the process. Sometimes existing employees don’t convey their true feelings, as they may tell you what they think you want to hear, which could defeat the whole objective of the process. Make sure you say that all negative criticism is welcomed.
  • Communication – It is essential to keep candidates updated as to the progress of their application. There is nothing worse for a candidate who spends a lot of time writing their CV and attending an interview and not being given the courtesy to be kept informed. Even if they haven’t been successful, ensure you send an email thanking them for their interest and wishing them good luck in their search. If they narrowly missed out, ensure you mention that you will keep their CV on file.
  • Appreciate every candidate – Following on from the communication metric above, it was found in a study that 95% of candidates would reapply for the company that they applied for if they found that the candidate experience was positive. This high percentage could lead to reduced recruitment costs in the future.
  • Offer Feedback – Many candidates would appreciate being told why they were unsuccessful when applying for the job. You can maybe outline their strengths and weaknesses, which can help the candidate secure another position, while contributing to the positive image of the dental office. As a result, the candidate will be more likely to apply for any future positions that become available. This contributes to reduced recruitment effort both in terms of time and money in the future.

Use the Powers of Social Media

When you are looking to advertise a position, make sure you spread the news about the vacancy. It is important in this day and age to make the application process as smooth and as easy as possible. We would recommend inviting the candidate to send an application online rather than through traditional snail mail. There is also a reduced chance of an online application being lost.

It was found in a recent study from Glassdoor that nine out of ten candidates will use the internet when applying for dental jobs. This only goes to show why using a service such as ours here at will help you secure the right candidate at the first time of asking.

By sharing your vacancy on social media, it will allow your present employees to go ahead and share the vacancy with their friends. Since many of your employees went to university, there is a high probability that friends from university who did their dental course will view the advertisement. These people would be more likely to apply for the job if they knew a familiar face was there to help them out.

Measure Progress of the Candidate Experience

When you recruit a candidate, make sure you ask their opinion on the experience that they went through and whether it was positive or not. They could offer valuable insight onto what to improve on for the next recruitment period and these suggestions can be taken on board to further improve the candidate experience for future applicants. The successful candidate will also be impressed and pleased that the dental office would be seeking their opinion so soon after becoming employed. It sends out the message to all employees that their views are appreciated and will be listened too.

We feel that Human Resource departments should place a high importance on the candidate experience in a similar way to the marketing department who often focus on the patient experience. If your candidate experience follows best practice, your dental office can attract the best talent who are ready to take your practice to the next level.

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