Why It’s Important To Have Willing and Productive Employees

We all know in this day and age that keeping your employees happy is vitally important to the success of your dental practice. I know from personal experience when managing my practice that when employee happiness and morale falls, employee retention rates also fall, which leads to higher costs, both in terms of time and money spent. So, how can you go about keeping your employees happy and helping them to perform to the best of their ability?

One way is to use a service called Patient Pursuit. How does this work I hear you ask? Well, dental offices use the platform to review all of their incoming calls so they can see how the staff are performing on every scheduling call. When the dental office notices that an employee is not performing well, the office can then access those calls and see where the employee needs to improve.

For an office to improve, they need to take the information that Patient Pursuit provides for them, and use the information in a calculated way to help distinguish which employees don’t seem happy and don’t seem to be performing to the best of their ability. The office can then take steps to work with the employee and in essence coach the employee back to happiness and productivity.

Unfortunately, I sometimes run into dental offices that would greatly benefit from this service, but do not move forward due to their staff. They tell me about all of the coaching they have done to help their employees and how the staff will not listen to the advice given and rebel against the coaching provided.

When we run into these organizations, they are completely fed up with their staff. Their dental business is suffering due to these employees, but yet they allow the employee to stay. This behavior then spreads. It shows other employees and new hires to the office that they can still keep their job without having to do the quality work that is expected of them. It ruins the dental office’s carefully nurtured culture, their patient experience, and hurts their productivity. Instead of choosing to let bad employees go and invest in hiring the right employees, these dental offices stay in a constant state of frustration.

What can be done to counteract this? Our top clients invest in hiring the right candidates who are hard workers and want to do the best job possible. Their culture is contagious and this positive culture certainly brings out the best in their staff. They turn to companies such as us at DentReps to ensure they get a great pool of applicants for the position that they have advertised. Our clients comment on how when they call our office, they notice right away that our staff are well trained and are ready to help hire the right employee at the first time of asking. It is true what they say, one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. This is why we at DentReps stand ready to help you hire the perfect candidate who will seamlessly integrate into your culture.

What Should You Look For In a Candidate that Helps Promote Your Dental Office Culture?

Values and Mission of the Dental Office

It is crucial to hire an employee that shares the values and the mission of the dental office. You can gauge the values of the candidate by asking during an interview why they want to work at your practice. This allows you to explore the knowledge of the dental office that the candidate has. If you are able to realize from the outset that the candidate has a solid bank of knowledge and expresses the values of the dental office, it shows the candidate has done their research and could be an ideal fit for the position. Of course, this should only form a part of the decision making process. Anyone can pretend to come across in a way that makes them employable for 15-20 minutes, but the only real way to identify whether the candidate has the values you are looking for is for you to monitor and work with the candidate for a prolonged period of time. Since this is is not possible, you need to establish rules of thumb and remember how past employees behaved after the interview.

Research has conclusively shown that when an employee shares the same values of the dental office, they are far more likely to accomplish the goals that you lay out for them. They will also be more likely to follow the culture and make the dental office a positive and happy place in which to work in. In my opinion, when a dental employee doesn’t share the mission of the practice, the position that they have is “just another job” and is a stepping stone to something else. If it is just another job for the employee, it shows that they are not happy working at your dental office. Conversely, if the employee shares the mission, this leads to dental office success.

Working as Part of a Team

Sure, dentistry can be a bit of an individual practice at times. But, a dentist cannot work to the best of their ability if they don’t have a good bond with the dental assistant that helps them carry out certain procedures. Also, a dental receptionist who doesn’t work seamlessly with the treatment staff may result in poor time management and appointments overrunning or becoming over booked. In an interview setting, it is important to analyze whether you feel that the candidate will be a team player or not. An individual who works solely for their own ends will not be adding to and developing the culture the dental office is looking to develop. Instead, they could have an adverse impact on the culture that is generated.

A candidate that shares the values and the mission of the dental office, as well as working as part of a team, are only two of the necessary characteristics to look for when hiring an employee that matches the culture of your dental office. It is essential to find a candidate for a position that matches your culture for dental office success.

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