Hiring for The Right Fit – Choose an Employee that Matches Your Culture

Hiring for the right fit is important in the dental industry

Hiring for the right fit is a phrase which is tossed about like confetti when it comes to recruitment. It seems to be a catch all term for the techniques which prove most effective at hiring the right employee. There are many differing ideas that many renowned experts think that allows the employer to select the best candidate for the position you have advertised. But what are these techniques and ideas, and how should you implement them? We’ll take a look at the importance of culture in order to make the process of hiring for the right fit easier for your dental practice.

Hiring for the right fit is important in the dental industry

Hiring For the Right Fit By Selecting a Candidate that Matches Your Culture

You may think that “culture” is only reserved for large multi national businesses who have many thousands of employees and doesn’t apply to small dental offices. But you’d be wrong! Each and every workplace has their own unique culture. Care should be taken to define your ideal culture and take steps to implement and then maintain this culture. Then, you need to mould your employees to engage and take part in the culture that you’d like to project. When this culture is maturing and is up and running, hiring people that can adapt and work with this culture you have developed is essential. Failure to select the right candidate for your culture could lead to the culture being changed to the way the new individual works. If you then decide to remove this employee, time, money and effort will be needed in order to rectify this undesirable change. Not to mention, the negative effect on employee morale if they see an employee losing their job.


As you can imagine, creating a “cultural fit” can be rather difficult. Cultural fit can be defined as the beliefs and behaviors that you want the company to exhibit, which is matched with the beliefs and the behaviors of the employees that work within your dental practice. A lot of attention has been paid to cultural fit within the last few years, as research has conclusively shown that employees who fit in well with the company’s culture have excellent job satisfaction, which leads to better overall performance and are more likely to stay with the dental office on a long term basis. In a recent poll, it was found that 80% of employers put “cultural fit” as their number one priority when deciding upon a new candidate.

Many employers point to the fact that you can teach an individual to do a job that they have been hired to do, but you can’t educate the individual how to operate. This is certainly true in the 21st century, as each individual will have their own way of working compared to their compatriots. From personal experience, a newly hired employee who is not a good fit, a term I call a “bad apple”, can cause trouble rather quickly, even if they are doing a good job with their patients, so it is vitally important to hire for the right fit right from the beginning.

How to Select a New Employee That Matches Your Culture?


Step 1 – Define Your Culture

In order to define your culture, you need to document the values, norms and practices that you have come to expect within your dental practice. A good way to do this is to ask your fellow employees what they think these values, norms and practices are. Then, if it matches with your views on the culture, then you will have a good idea of how the culture is at the moment. If it doesn’t match your ideas of a good working culture, it can be changed at a later date.


Step 2 – Advertise the Culture

On defining your culture, it is vitally important that your culture is clearly expressed in any marketing, recruitment and internal communications moving forward. This way, those who read the communications will realize what sort of culture that the dental office wants to develop. It is crucial that your job adverts accurately communicate this culture to ensure the new employee knows from the start the way they are expected to work, which makes them more likely to adapt to the culture of the dental office rather than exhibiting their own version of it.

Probably the easiest way to do this is that in addition to asking for a candidate with say a minimum of 5 years experience, you could also add that you want someone who is innovative, thinks outside the box and really pushes the boundaries – or any other characteristics that you want your new employee to show when they work for you.

Step 3 – Test if the Candidate is the Right Fit

You may be wondering how it is possible to check whether a candidate for the job you are advertising is the right fit for your dental office. But, there are many tests that are available that you can use to gauge how adapted to the culture the candidate is. For example, you could ask the candidate to take part in a personality test that is known as a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and schedule a number of small meetings with employees throughout your dental office in order for them to measure whether they will be a good fit within the dental practice.

Another way to gauge whether the candidate is the right fit is to try and ask questions that will surprise the applicant. This ensures they don’t just relay answers to questions that they have learnt before hand and will show what they would do if a particular situation or scenario that you asked about arose. Then, you will be able to use these answers to see if they match your dental offices behaviors, values and norms.

A word of warning is to not ask potential employees about deeply personal issues. Topics to avoid include age, nationality and general health, as it could be seen as discriminatory and is not pertinent to gauge whether you are hiring for the right fit or not.

Step 4 – Monitor the New Employee

When you have selected a new employee, it is important to monitor their behaviors as they grow into the job. Regular chats are essential in order to gauge whether they are fitting in and doing what is expected of them.

As you have learnt by reading this article, hiring for the right fit can be rather difficult. The process can be made easier however if you clearly define the culture of your dental office, advertise this culture, conduct tests on your prospective employees and monitor them moving forward. Good luck!

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