5 Top Tips for a Dental Assistant to Stand Out From Their Colleagues & Land a Pay Rise

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How Working as a Team Can Promote Employee Retention

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How to Develop Your Career in Your Dental Hygienist Job

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How to Land a Dental Hygienist Job Interview – The Ultimate Guide

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Why Taking a Dental Assistant Job is a Fantastic Career Move

The dental assistant job has many advantages.

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Job Search Tips That are so Simple People Forget Them

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BABYLON, NY: August 17, 2017 — GPS Dental Products, Inc., a premiere distributor of supplies and technology, has recently acquired DentReps Company, a leading jobs website for the dental industry.  The acquisition also included DentReps’ affiliated businesses, DR Recruiting, and … Continue reading

Land Your Dream Job by Knowing What Employers are Looking For

What Employers are Looking For

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