Why Taking a Dental Assistant Job is a Fantastic Career Move

The dental assistant job has many advantages.

Are you thinking about taking a Dental Assistant Job in your local area, but nervous as to what the future may hold? Don’t worry! Many Dental Assistants find that they love their choice of career, and for good reason. We … Continue reading

Job Search Tips That are so Simple People Forget Them

Read our job search tips now.

We are often told that in this age of inter connectivity and the internet that applying for a job has never been so easy. While this is partly true, it has also become a lot more competitive to land a … Continue reading


BABYLON, NY: August 17, 2017 — GPS Dental Products, Inc., a premiere distributor of supplies and technology, has recently acquired DentReps Company, a leading jobs website for the dental industry.  The acquisition also included DentReps’ affiliated businesses, DR Recruiting, and … Continue reading

Land Your Dream Job by Knowing What Employers are Looking For

What Employers are Looking For

What is considered a dream job? This is a particularly tough question and the answer to it varies from person to person. One dentist may want to work in a position with as much responsibility as possible, while another may … Continue reading

Extroverts Guide to Making a Good Impression at Interview

In our previous blog, we examined how an introvert can shine at interview, so we thought we’d create a guide for the extroverts among us. The interview process can be a scary process for extroverts as it is for introverts. … Continue reading

How to Thrive at Interview as an Introvert

When you are looking to apply for a job in the dental industry, it can be a rather challenging experience if you are an introvert. The recruitment process is often about making a mark and creating a great first impression. … Continue reading

Tips for Boosting Your Chances of Landing your Dream Dental Job

We know the process for landing your dream dental job can be an arduous task. I’m sure you know of people who seem to be able to land their dream dental jobs without much effort. Maybe it is someone you … Continue reading

Group DSO’s Offer Dental Assistants ADAA Memberships To Aide with Onboarding, Skills & Tenure

The American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) helps dental assistants grow and at the same time helps organizations retain quality employees for private practices, as well as Group DSO’s. Long considered the voice of dental assisting in America, the ADAA offers … Continue reading